Z and Y Keys Switched on Keyboard | Android Problem

I was surprised today to find the Z and Y keys on my Android keyboard were in the wrong places. They had completely swapped positions on the keyboard. I tried looking up online for a solution to get them back in the correct position but one of the Android threads I read mentioned flashing the phone and installing a QWERTY file instead of a QWERTZ.

Z and Y Keys have swapped places on Android Keyboard

This is my way of fixing it.

There was a lot more in his step by step guide, far too much for me to be interested in following that method. Anyway, I took another look at my keyboard and there was a globe type button on the right of the space bar. I pressed it and discovered my International keyboard was set to another country. So obviously I had accidentally pressed it the last time I used the keyboard. I changed the setting back to English and wow, the Y and Z keys were back in their original positions. It turns out that some countries have a QWERTZ layout for their keyboards rather than a QWERTY. Find out more about that HERE.

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