How to build a HTML / CSS Website Layout

How to build a HTML / CSS Website Layout

First, I must mention that I am currently a newbie to CSS but this method WILL work in Internet Explorer and Firefox (untested on others).

PLEASE NOTE: Do not copy/paste this code as there is a problem with the unicode settings. You MUST hand code it for it to work.

Let’s get started. We will hand code this layout using notepad.


(First we need a doc type.) (find info on them here)  I chose strict as seen below:-


(Next we need the <head> section and everything we will put in it. I put the following:-)

<style type=”text/css”>


(The title tags are for the page name and the style tags are for the css which we will add later.)

(Next we need the html tags starting with the <body> tag. I want a site with a header, left sidebar, right sidebar, two featured zones and a footer. So this is the code I will enter.)

<div id=”header”>
<div id=”container”>
<div id=”leftsidebar”>
<div id=”featured”>
<div id=”feat2″>
<div id=”rightsidebar”>
<div id=”footer”>

(As you can see, I have all the elements I want included.)

(Now I must write the css to create my layout. The mathematics is very important here. Here is the css style I used.)

#header {width:1000px; height:150px; margin:0 auto; margin-bottom:5px; background:#eaeaea;}
#container {width:1000px; margin:0 auto; background:#aeaeae;}
#leftsidebar {float:left; width:200px; height:500px; background:#000000;}
#featured {float:left; margin-left:5px; width:450px; height:350px; background:#aaa000;}
#feat2 {float:left; margin-top:355px; width:450px; height:350px; background:#a0a000;}
#rightsidebar {float:right; width:340px; height:500px; background:#a0a0a0;}
#footer {height:150px; width:1000px; margin:0 auto; margin-top:715px; background:#aaaaaa;}

(I included random background colors in the css so you can get a visual of the layout. Simply put the css code after the opening style tag in the <head> section we created earlier.)

Now save the document as index.html then open it up in your web browser and see how it looks.

Here is the screen shot:-

Feel free to use the code provided above and edit it to suit your needs.

I have since found out another way of getting the same result. Simply float all elements left and use clear:left for the footer.

That’s it!

More on Web Design in the category section of my home page.

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