Dynamode KMG9000-W Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review

After a little over a week’s usage, I will now review the Dynamode KMG9000-W Gaming Keyboard and Mouse.

Having purchased a bare bone PC recently, I needed a keyboard and mouse to accompany it. Initially I was interested in a mechanical keyboard but the price of such just didn’t seem justifiable. Therefore I began my quest for a more reasonably priced wireless gaming set. Funnily enough, the Dynamode KMG9000-W Set also bothered me with the cost but this time because it was so cheap. This made me scan the Internet for reviews to help me make my mind up. After a little research I found minimal amounts of information and thought “What the heck, I will buy it and review it myself” and that is where we are now.

KMG9000-W Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review

Upon receiving the package I found it to be professionally boxed and appealing to look at. I opened it and removed the keyboard and mouse, both nice to look at. I checked for what batteries were required and found the keyboard uses one AA battery while the mouse took 2 AAA’s. The batteries were not supplied. I then took to connecting it to my PC. I found the dongle tucked away in the bottom part of the mouse. I took it out put it in the computer then booted up my PC. Both the keyboard and mouse worked immediately and flawlessly.

Dynamode Wireless Keyboard Review

The keyboard is pleasant to look at and has a Red/Black colour scheme. It has an unorthodox shape which gives it a gaming feel. It also has colour coded buttons for gaming hotkeys such as the WASD which makes it useable for newbies. Along both sides are 5 hotkeys totalling 10. The 5 hotkeys on the right consist of volume controls and music/video buttons. The left sided hotkeys are as follows: A mute button, browser homepage button, my computer button a calculator button and a mail button. For me 9/10 worked perfectly but I do not know how to programme the Mail Hotkey and as my wife threw away the box I do not know if there are any instructions on how to do this and I could not find anything online. Therefore I am about to include a link to this review on the Dynamode Youtube page and hopefully they can get back to me and post the answer on this review. Finally, there was also a worry for me on the reliability of each button press but there was no need to fear as it has not missed an input request even once during 8 days of usage.

KMG9000-W Wireless Mouse Review

Just like the keyboard the mouse is beautiful to look at. It has a total of 6 buttons. These are the standard left and right, scroll wheel. Two on the side that work as backwards and forwards buttons when browsing the Internet and finally a CPI button which can raise and lower the mouse scrolling speed with ease. All buttons worked perfectly. The only downside I found with the mouse was that sometimes after waking up or restarting your machine, clicking it does not always activate it. Maybe 1/5 times I have to switch the mouse on and off which is a minor issue but still an issue. To be honest I did accidentally drop the mouse early on but I’m not convinced that is what causes the issue. Please leave a comment if you do not have this problem with your device.


Dynamode KMG9000-W Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review

All in all I feel this piece of kit is worth every penny.

The icing on the cake happened for me today following a slight hunch. This keyboard and mouse set does not use drivers. I took that logic and thought “Well maybe this will work on my smart TV”. I plugged the dongle into a USB port on my LG Smart TV then opened up the web browser app with my TV remote. Straight away boom, I was surfing and searching the net. I did not see this advertised and do not know which other Smart TV’s this will work on but I used it successfully on an LG WebOS Smart TV. Please leave a comment it works on a different TV for you as it may help other people.


Thanks for reading.

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3 Responses to Dynamode KMG9000-W Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review

  1. John says:

    My keyboard just randomly stops working, same with my mouse, going to have to buy a new one :/ and also my ‘W’ key was printed wrong so its on its side, quite poor to be honest

  2. Leslie Briddon says:

    my mouse powersaves when needed too, and none of the media keys work.

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