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There are several companies whom provide software for ease of access to the Newsgroup content. This review is for the company that provides Usenext! I will keep this review as honest as possible. Most Usenext reviews you come across will glorify the product and provide you with the authors affiliate url at the end to sign up. I will be different by providing you with all the good and bad about this Usenet company.

I first came across Usenext in the early 2000’s after getting fed up with file sharing and bit torrent programs. I lived in an area with slower broadband than more populated areas and wanted to download at higher speeds. I used google with a keyword like download files fast or something similar. One of the search results introduced me to usenext. I had read no reviews and was put off by the fact I had to pay to use their service. After pondering, I decided to take out the free trial. I was more put off when I found out I had to pay one euro to access the free trial, but I did anyway. I was then emailed with my site/software login details. I downloaded the software, entered my provided login details and gave it a test spin. I cannot remember the exact speed range I got but it was far better than the other methods for downloading files. I introduced my friends to the service and they took to it well, as a matter of fact I cannot recall anyone in my social circle ever saying a bad thing about it. However, as the years went by I came across many negative sides to the company that own Usenext.

Usenext Scam

Are usenext a scam?

Here’s a list of their negatives

1. In the mid 2000’s Usenext were using debt collecting agencies to claim money off people who did not pay to renew contracts.

2. Usenext cunningly set up auto renew contracts so expect a new charge to your credit card or Paypal account if you don’t cancel your contract

3. Usenext are profit mad and do not care about the customer at all. I recently got stung by the auto renew. Although I did not use a single Mb and contacted them within 24 hours of the auto renew – they would not refund my money and just hid behind their diabolical terms and conditions.

4. Google “Usenext Scam” and i’m sure you’ll find other disgruntled customers who have been biten by these guys in some other ways.

Postives about Usenext

1. Yes they have very fast download speeds

2. Yes they provide quality access to a massive amount of games, videos, music and any other digital gem you can think of.

but when they don’t care about the customer, don’t be surprised if they bite your bottom in some way.

Still want to sign up? If so, signup to Usenext HERE via my affiliate link or by going to their homepage direct.

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3 Responses to Usenext Review | Downloading via the Usenet Newsgroups | Usenext Scam

  1. Kerie says:

    don’t understand your problem….

    The General Terms and Conditions are clearly written on the website (also the information about the auto renew). Why is it so difficult for the people to read in advance what they subscribe?
    And sorry, what would you do as businessman if people don’t pay what they order???

    I’ve never had any problems with this provider!

    • Jamie says:

      I understand what you are saying but If we read the terms and conditions on every product we come across we would have to sacrafice about 6 months of our life, a year maybe if you include the ps3 and it’s updates! My point is they favour profit rather than customer satisfaction which is NOT good business.

      I had already paid for a years usage and didnt want the renewal. All I wanted was a refund for the totally unused second years contract but they refused. Anyway, I have since sold the package to a family member so problem solved.

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