Unicef Scam | Unicef Fraud

Is UNICEF a scam?

Firstly I must mention I cannot say for certain that Unicef is a scam but I can tell you about the two bad incidents I had with them. The first was via an offer with Maximiles, the agreement was that if I donated to their charity I would earn Maximiles for taking part. I agreed with the intention of being a regular donor. The terms of the offer said I would receive the points in my Maximiles account within 3 months. However, after 3 months and 3 donations I still hadn’t received my points. I contacted Maximiles and they said they would investigate. A few days later I was told that Unicef claimed I signed up directly with them and not via Maximiles which meant no points for me. Well now I must let you know that I have completed hundreds of transactions with Maximiles and know how to complete each offer. UNICEF has been the ONLY transaction where I did not receive my points. Did they lie to Maximiles? I cannot be sure as it could have been a computer error but charity was not their strong point and they lost me as a donor. The second incident was recent. I was happily watching TV and relaxing when there was a knock at the door. I answered and it was two men promoting UNICEF. I barely had a chance to speak during their hard sell technique. Before long I was again a member of Unicef through being too weak and being caught off guard. I also had no choice for the donation amount, I was hoping for £2 – £3 / month like I pay for the other charities I have donated to but their minimum was £8.50. The man doing the talking used many distraction techniques and seemed trained in ‘buttering’ up potential sales of which they will earn from. Not nice being invaded at your own front door! Is Unicef a scam? Is there Unicef fraud? There may not be a UNICEF scam but they are certainly immoral, possibly liars and as I said earlier Charity is not their strong point. In my humble opinion!

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10 Responses to Unicef Scam | Unicef Fraud

  1. UNICEF SCAM says:

    UNICEF is a HUGE SCAM!Never give any money to those people that knock on your door asking for contributions for Unicef because thoose people are emplyoed by FAKE markting companys that are associated to unicef and youre the one that pays their salary because that money never gets to the kids in Africa

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks for your input. I do not agree with door to door hard sell techniques and you’re right, at least a portion goes to the salary of those sales men who pretty much force you to donate.

  2. Michael Porter says:

    inquire as to how much money the ceo of unicef makes per year! this is def a scam. i understand everyone needs some kind of paycheck, but i dare you to check his paycheck once! is there any money left for the poor children who need after he takes his HUGE cut?

    • Michael Porter says:

      look it up yet? yes 1.2 mil$ a year plus a rolls royce to haul his slimy !Edit! around and another 150k to pay for his expenc.
      WOW … 1.305 million and a rolls r’ … that leaves about 13 cents of every dollar donated to go anywhere. how is this not a scam? its def not a “charity” unless your talking about for him

      • Jamie says:

        I did a little research and according to this link It was a malicious accusation. It states the CEO is a woman who drives a Prius. The alarming part of Unicefs claim though is that she earns nearly half a million dollars which suggests her income is far more important than starving babies. I think she should ask for an 80% pay cut so the funds can help extra people.

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  4. Fred D says:

    UNICEF is a complete scam. The story about the head of UNICEF using a chaufeured Rolls is true. I work in NYC near the UN and we all saw her one day. What BS ! Give to the Salvation Army, they actually help people.

  5. Jean Mann says:

    I find after sending £3 via my mobile phone I have been hassled by nice with phone calls,the last call 5 min ago, I ask him who was paying his wages and the donation I had made had more than been used up by them ringing,I gave him a piece of my mind to say the least ,told him not to ring again and hung up, I know they were wanting me to sign up to a monthly subscribing of more than my first donation, it is people like this that give genuine charities a bad name

    • Jamie says:

      Hi Jean,

      Yes, Charities are more like businesses now. Using actors and sad sounding music to urge people to donate. You should look up how much the CEO’s earn!

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