Three Mobile Tethering Add On – 3G and 4G Tether WiFi Hotspot

If you are reading this then more than likely you have heard about Three mobile stopping their unlimited tethering for new and existing customers. Well here are the facts about the future of tethering with 3g and 4g 3 mobile customers.

1. Unlimited Tethering is still available on the one and twelve month SIM ONLY contracts.

2. Existing One Plan customers still get unlimited tethering until their contract expires. After which, you will have to choose between SIM Only or a new Phone / new contract without unlimited tethering.

If you’re near the end of you contract then this won’t be appealing news for you but there is a glimmer of hope with the Three Tethering Add-on.

Three Tethering Add On

If you choose the new phone/ new contract option. You get a standard 2gb Tethering allowance. Make sure you don’t choose a plan with only 1gb monthly allowance if you want the full 2gb tethering. On top of the 2gb allowance you can buy the Tethering Add on. Either a pitiful 10Mb, YES Mega Bytes, for £2.55 OR 2Gb extra tethering for £5.11. Which is ideal if you use less than 5Gb a month.

Personally I am currently stuck with the choice of a new phone and new contract (along with the tethering add on for holidays etc…). Or to sacrifice the new phone and enjoy a £14 a month reduction in my line rental along with keeping the extremely handy unlimited tethering One Plan.

At time of posting the three tethering add on’s were £2.55 for 10Mb and 2Gb for £5.11. I’m sure they will be subject to change sooner or later. So to find out the current prices visit login to My Three and click BUY AN ADD-ON in the allowance menu. There you will find all the information you require.

That’s it, thanks for reading!

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