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Before I start I must mention that at some point this post will be out dated due to many future ground breaking releases which will blow modern games out of the water. Therefore in terms of the greatest game ever made, I will try to update this post from time to time to include such games as mentioned. The initial post will be published January 3rd 2013. So don’t worry, as the Spectrum 128k collection of Dizzy games will not be listed even though back in the day they were everyone’s must have!

Now for me personally, the best game ever made has to be Fallout 3. This is because of the effort and genius put into it’s gameplay, it’s a game that had me skipping bed one night and playing it for 28 straight hours. This wasn’t the case when I first started playing it. No, after my first few hours I rated this game 4/5. It wasn’t until I learned the full potential  of what I was playing that I realized I was participating in probably the greatest game ever made! In Fallout 3, you can pick up any old objects and trade them for bottle caps (Fallout Currency) or weapons and meds. It is a game with 20 experience levels (30 in the GOTY edition) and with each level you can increase skills and select a new perk. You have a Karma level which can affect game play and there seem to be hundreds of side missions to keep you entertained for months!

Why not Fallout? Yes some will miss out on the sheer brilliant gameplay of Fallout 3, most probably due to the bleak colouring and yellowness of Capital Wasteland. Well if Graphics are your number one reason for buying a game then Fallout 3 won’t impress you too much. But if you want top notch gaming fun then Fallout 3 is for you. Over 18s only though!

For me, the best game ever made so far is Fallout 3. In my opinion it is the best ps3 game ever made and the greatest PC game ever made as I have played it on both platforms.

Other best games contenders are obviously the Modern Warfare Franchise, due to it being the biggest seller, and the Elder Scrolls series having a cult following. Others include Mass effect 1 to 3 and the Unchartered games that are all modern greats. Also there is a PS3 game named Heavy Rain that gamers should definitely try out.


Leave a comment if you think of any better titles and tell me why.

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