Text Messages Not Showing | SMS Not Appearing on Thread

If, like me, you have a problem of your own texts not appearing in your conversation thread then it is highly likely this is the solution for you too! Please read on for more information on how to correct this problem.

My Texts Are Not Showing

I predict that you recently reset your handset, be it Android, Windows or IOS. If not then maybe you are using a new phone or have updated your firmware. If any of these statements are true then it’s not because I am psychic, but because it just happened to me.

I recently reset my phone and had forgotten about it. However, when I opened the conversation threads on my Windows handset I could see messages from my friends and family but, I could not see my SMS messages appearing when I replied. This is in fact the second time this has happened to me, but it took me at least a minute or two before I figured out what the problem was.

Anyway, before I let you kick yourself for not knowing the solution, I want to mention that although this happened on a Windows Phone it will be the same for the Iphone and Android handsets.

It all likelihood your SMS messages will be at the very top of your thread rather than the bottom. Why? Because your handset date and time settings will have changed, probably to the manufacturing date which was way before your friends and family sent you the recent texts.

Therefore, go to settings, date and time, and change the date and time! As easy as that!

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One Response to Text Messages Not Showing | SMS Not Appearing on Thread

  1. allizzar says:

    Oh man, I really did face palm. I have been sat all evening with the same problem trying to work it out.

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