Steam Summer Sale 2013 Date & Game List

It’s that time of year again and the Steam Summer Sale 2013 is on our doorstep. Sorry to my readers if the post title sounded like a news leak, but just as you may be searching for the answer, I myself have too. Most of what I read states it will likely begin on a Thursday, but not July 4 as that is the American Independence day and a big portion of Steam customers will not be home. The truth is though that you should keep checking into Steam daily and not miss out! I have only experienced 3 of the major sales, and the Steam Summer Sale 2013 will be my second of this time of year, but I have learned a lot and I will give you some tips below.

In the Summer Sale of 2012, there were badges for completing tasks. There were also awards for the Winter Sale BUT we got nothing in return. So the first tip is to not worry too much about the badges as it is unlikely they will reward you for it. (Apologies if they change their stance on this). Another tip is to wait for the 75% off offers. A lot of big games come into the sale many times, sometimes 50% off then other times 75% off. It is a gamble though as, personally, I have been waiting for Skyrim at 75% off and it never went to that price in either of the previous major sales. Another thing I have seen Steam Users do is buy 75% off games as gifts, then when the sale ends get them on EBay for new Steam customers at 33% off or thereabouts. A MUST when buying games is to check its metascore. You can check it at if a game scores less than 60 by critics and users, then it’s unlikely you will enjoy playing it.  My final tip is to cut up your credit card and only spend what you can afford, avoid buying too many games. Otherwise you may have a HUGE backlog like me.

Steam Summer Sale 2013 Date

As it is June 30 today, I’m going to throw caution to the wind and say the Steam Summer Sale Date will be ….. “July”

Steam Summer Sale 2013 Game List

Pretty much every game you would want to own will be in the sale. If you want notification of when your favourite games join the sale then simply add them to your wish list and you will get an email.

How does the Steam summer sale work? Usually it consists of about 8 daily games, 3 flash sales every so many hours and vote sales. It’s a very exciting sale and will have lots of people logging into their steam accounts several times of day. It’s the type of Sale that can get lazy people out of bed early.


Thanks for reading and see you online soon!

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