Steam Summer Sale 2012 and Badge Achievement

Thursday, July 12 2012 through Sunday, July 22 2012.

Each day of the sale starts at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm ET)

Steam Summer Sale Badge: All steam customers have the opportunity to earn a Summer Sale badge. At time of writing, it is unclear if there will be any award for this achievement but at the start of the promotion it did say limited availability. The badge is unlocked after completion of three of the tasks. It is then upgradeable twice by completing the remaining tasks. I will report further information on the Badge when it becomes available.

The option to earn a pillar of the community badge is also available. Again, I do not know if there is any award for achieving this but I will also report back here if I find any more information.

STEAM SUMMER SALE 2012 – What is so good about it?

Each day of the sale, Steam immediately issue 9 games with up to 75% off.

Each day of the sale, Steam provide customers with three vote type sale items. Every 8 hours the highest voted game goes on sale at the predetermined sale price and a new vote begins.

Throughout each day there are always 4 flash sale items which count down at various amounts of time and are replaced by further sale items.

Best times to e at the sale are 6pm GMT for new start to sale day and first vote. 12.00am GMT second vote takes place and two new flash sale items. 4pm GMT New vote and two more flash sale items.

Reported suggestions. Hold out as long as you can because most games do reach the 75% or more sale price.

What I noticed: Franchises, where there are more than one game are on sale the same time as individual games. For example, Dawn of War II goes on sale at 75% off. If you look for the Dawn of War collection you will find that on sale for the same sale price or often better!

All in all, this sale has been more enjoyable for me than many actual games.

UPDATE: Steam now shows a character featured during the 2012 Summer Sale in the Wish List area. Which could possibly mean Steam Summer Sale Badge collectors will get a wish list item or more. It’s just speculation, for all I know this character from the Summer Sale and the Wish List zone is a regular participator in steam events. Anyway, below is a screenshot of the character I’m writing about.

More on Steam Sales as they happen.

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