SKY box not working | SKY Box wont turn on | How to reset SKY HD Box

This post should be able to save you from calling out a SKY engineer or needlessly replacing your SKY box. I have done much research over the years on fixing problems with SKY boxes and every useful method is listed below.

There are four options to fix a faulty Sky, Sky+ or Sky HD box, but if your box won’t turn on I recommend you skip to option 4. Otherwise please try each method, one at a time.

Lately my Sky box just kept freezing. The problem got worse and worse until it came to a point I had to unplug the power cable, wait 10 seconds and plug it back in, wait another 2 minutes and power it up. I had to use that procedure just to change channel!! I had tried the first 3 methods listed below as they had worked for me in the past with my historical Sky boxes and current one. This time those techniques did not work, or only worked for short periods of time. So if you still have problems after the first 3 methods then I highly recommend method 4 because since doing it my Sky box is working as good as new.

SKY Box not working

Here are the four methods:-

(NOTICE: Most of these methods will delete your recordings, but if your Sky box is faulty it’s worth the sacrifice)

1. Planner rebuild

This will rebuild your planner and fix problems with using the system and recording issues.

Press TV Guide and select settings in the top menu. Ensure you have the picture tab highlighted (don’t select it though). On your Sky remote press 0 then 1 then select. You will now be in the secret menu used by SKY engineers. Move across to rebuild and follow the instructions. You should see a message on the screen saying HOUSEKEEPING, that should only appear for a minute or two then the SKY box should shutdown, wait 2 or 3 minutes and power on the box. Check if the problem is fixed and if not then move to method 2 below.

2. Software update

This will reinstall the software on the box. Ensure your telephone line is connected and do not use the phone during the procedure.

Unplug your SKY box from the wall. Wait 10 to 20 seconds. Press the backup button ON THE BOX (not the remote) and keep it held down. Continuing to hold the backup button reinsert the power cable. Keep the backup button pressed until you see 4 lights come on at the front of the SKY box. You should now see a message on your TV screen saying UPDATING SYSTEM SOFTWARE. The procedure takes about 10 minutes so just be patient. After the software update the box will shut down. Wait 2 or 3 minutes, power up the box and see if your problem is fixed.


3. Reset the SKY box

When all else fails it’s worth trying to reset your SKY box. As in step one, access the secret menu but this time select RESET and follow the onscreen instructions. After the reset is complete wait 2 or 3 minutes then test the system. If this does not work do not panic as method 4 that won for me in my battle against a faulty box is the next and final hope.

SKY box won’t turn on

4. Format the hard drive

If none of the first three methods work or you cannot turn on your SKY box then this might just work for you as it did for me.

Unplug the power supply and wait 10 to 20 seconds then plug it back in. Immediately press the left and right arrows on the box and keep them pressed down until you see a blue or green flashing light at the center of the box. Then let go of the arrow buttons and press the select button on the box. You should see the light start spinning in a circle. Wait a good 5 to 10 minutes and test the system. It worked for me and hopefully did for you.

If your box is still faulty you might want to consider buying a used unit on eBay for around £20 – £30 including postage.

I would like to thank this **LINK REMOVED DUE TO SITE CLOSURE** post for method number 4. If you find any of my instructions complicated then maybe you can visit it for clearer instructions.

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