Replacement Engines UK Review | Warning is a Scam

I am writing this post in an attempt to save people a lot of stress and a whole lot of money. was formerly known as As a matter of fact my research has discovered they have been known by other aliases too. Here is how their scam setup works:-

First they set up a company. In this instance it is Replacement Engines. They use search engine optimization and plaster Google, Bing etc… with false reviews. After giving themselves wonderful exposure they start taking money over the phone usually via the numbers listed and even by misusing eBay. The payment is taken by bank transfer and the goods are sent out. However, if you dig deeper into the products you’ll find a lot of people who would probably agree that the car parts are sand blasted scrap yard parts. Here you can read my full ideal engines scam review. If you haven’t got time, then here is the short summary.

My head gasket went and I needed a new engine. I found what appeared to be a great company on eBay selling just what I needed. They asked for payment via bank transfer, which I did (Big mistake). I paid hundreds for the engine, hundreds to a garage to fit it, only to find it had a major internal oil leak. I contacted ideal engines many times until they finally collected the faulty engine. To this day I have never received a refund but they did invite me to like there new Replacement Engines Facebook page (Bar stewards!).

What eventually happens is that customers go to trading standards, like I did. Then they issue county court judgements in an attempt to get the money back, which never happens. When a certain number of CCJs have accumulated then a wind up order can be placed to make them go bankrupt. They then set up under a new name. So rinse and repeat. Somehow it’s legal!!!


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  1. Alex says:

    Did you get your monnay refund

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