Philippines UK Embassy in London | Directions on How to Get There & Parking Facilities

Firstly I must mention that the Filipino Embassy changed address a few years ago and is now located at 6-8 Suffolk Street, London SW1Y 4HG. As London is the biggest City in the UK, finding the embassy is like mission impossible. There are two ways of finding this place, one free and one not. The free option is by using a route planner, there are several available with top quality planners being from the AA and RAC. The paid option is to buy a Sat Nav (Satellite Navigational System). OR If you own a mobile phone (cell phone) powered by Android then you have the NAVIGATION App which works exactly the same as a Sat Nav but is free to use. I personally used a Sat Nav and it took me all the way there from North West England.

Philippines Embassy London UK Parking Facilities

Before I began my quest to the Filipino Embassy, I was worried about Parking my car somewhere safe and nearby. All I could find online were instructions on how to get to and find parking at the old embassy. Therefore I had no choice but to worry about the parking issue until we arrived. Luckily there were parking signs near the end of our journey and well within walking distance from the embassy. For anyone who would like a further description and directions of exactly where the parking facilities are then keep reading. As you approach Suffolk Street on your left (which it will most likely be due to the one way system) continue to and take the next left. Follow the road to the very end (a cross roads) then straight ahead on the left is a multi-story car park. There you go, as easy as that. If you can attend to your affairs in under 2 hours then you will pay the minimum fee, which is not cheap but the car park is convenient and very safe (I accidentally left my window open during the whole stay yet nothing was stolen!).

UPDATE: Be very careful when traveling to London as you may get stung by a congestion charge like we did. We had to pay  a fine of something like £40. They are merciless too and will not let you off with the fee even if you live far from the capital. They claim it was widely publicized on TV, but if you’re like me and watch SKY you will not have seen how to pay the toll. I still to this day do not know how to pay the charge and I’m £40+ out of pocket.

Next time I will take the train!

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