Betfair Bookmaker Review – Review

This is my second and final bookmakers review. Not because I haven’t tried many, as I have tried ALL the major companies. But because out of all the ones I’ve experimented with, only two break free of the norm. The first was Bet365, which you can read more about in my previous bookmakers post. Access that post by clicking the bookmakers category. The second to make the list is obviously this one you are reading right now, but why? Betfair is good for other reasons. It is unique from all the other online bookmakers as it gives users the chance to BE THE BOOKMAKER. Continue reading

Usenext Review | Downloading via the Usenet Newsgroups | Usenext Scam

There are several companies whom provide software for ease of access to the Newsgroup content. This review is for the company that provides Usenext! I will keep this review as honest as possible. Most Usenext reviews you come across will glorify the product and provide you with the authors affiliate url at the end to sign up. I will be different by providing you with all the good and bad about this Usenet company.
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Steam Summer Sale 2012 and Badge Achievement

Thursday, July 12 2012 through Sunday, July 22 2012.

Each day of the sale starts at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm ET)

Steam Summer Sale Badge: All steam customers have the opportunity to earn a Summer Sale badge. At time of writing, it is unclear if there will be any award for this achievement but at the start of the promotion it did say limited availability. The badge is unlocked after completion of three of the tasks. It is then upgradeable twice by completing the remaining tasks. I will report further information on the Badge when it becomes available.
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Euro 2012 Knockout Stages Fixtures / Schedule / Results

Below is the list of teams that have qualified through the group stages and progressed to the knockout phase of the Euro 2012 finals.

Group A – Czech Republic, Greece

Group B – Germany, Portugal

Group C – Spain, Italy

Group D – England, France

The following fixtures are for the knockout stages, and will be updated as the tournament progresses.
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As mentioned in my previous website review about Maximiles, the Internet reward site. There are many third party companies which Maximiles pay out points for signing up with. One such company is Costa Bingo! I had never personally heard of the company but Maximiles were issuing a lot of points for a simple £10 deposit and wager. Therefore this review will be used to reveal interesting information about Costa Bingo and partly Maximiles.
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I now consider myself an expert web surfer. Having my first internet ready PC in 1997, I began my surfing through a 56k modem. Now on a super fast broadband connection, I spend most of my day on the Internet. One site I use most regularly is Maximiles, an Internet loyalty scheme site which rewards customers with points known as “maximiles”. The site was originally known as Ipoints but was bought out by the previously mentioned company who I believe to be Spanish, judging by their .com version. This site is known as a reward scheme as customers get rewarded for their loyalty to third party companies who are affiliated with Maximiles. How it works is like this:-
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How to build a HTML / CSS Website Layout

How to build a HTML / CSS Website Layout

First, I must mention that I am currently a newbie to CSS but this method WILL work in Internet Explorer and Firefox (untested on others).

PLEASE NOTE: Do not copy/paste this code as there is a problem with the unicode settings. You MUST hand code it for it to work.

Let’s get started. We will hand code this layout using notepad.
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How fast does the Earth rotate around the Sun?

The Earth takes one year to complete a full orbit of the Sun, most people know that. However, the exact amount of time is said to be 365.25 days and that is why we have a leap year every 4 years to make up for the extra day. Read More about the year here.

Now we know how long the Earth takes to travel around the Sun, now we must move on to mathematics.

To find the circumference (or orbit) we need the diameter and then to multiply it by Pi.

According to wiki answers the Earth varies in distance from the Sun each cycle but the average distance is as follows :-  92,955,887.6 Miles or 149, 597, 870.7 Km
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