Things to do in Anglesey

The Isle of Anglesey, known as Ynys Mon locally, is an Island off the coast of North Wales. It is connected to the mainland via two bridges called Menai Bridge and Britannia Bridge. Although Anglesey is an Island it still has a substantial area of land mass and would take days to circumnavigate on foot. During the summer many people flock to various parts of this popular tourist destination for their holidays. Why visit Anglesey? If you like a seaside vacation, hiking, exploring historical sites or even fishing then there is something there for you. Continue reading to find out more.

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Pizzeria La Gondola Holyhead Opening Times

Feeling hungry? Well if you live in Holyhead, North Wales then I highly recommend the Pizza Takeaway called Pizzeria La Gondola.

Location: 7 Williams Street, Holyhead, Isle of Anglesey LL65 1RN – Phone number – 01407 769919

From personal experience I have found this particular Pizzeria wipes the floor with top brands such as Dominos, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns. These pizzas are professionally made and best eaten straight out of the oven to get the maximum tastiness factor. Continue reading

What are backlinks in Search Engine Optimization?

Also spelled Search Engine Optimisation but generally known as SEO is a method of getting your content as high up the search engines as possible. There are many techniques for achieving this but today I’m going to talk about backlinks, which by no means is the least important – As a matter of fact I have found it to be the most important!

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Everything you need to know about BT Television

Part 1

What BT Youview Channels do I get?

BT TV consists of multiple choices. The first choice is to opt only for the free TV channels (known as TV Starter) through a supplied Youview box. For this you will need a TV aerial system already installed to pick up Freeview channels. Also the Youview box you will get will be unable to record TV programmes (Unless you subscribe to BT Infinity).

Here is the list of Free BT TV Channels :-

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BT Youview Problems | Internet channels not working

BT You view Internet Channels not Working

Before providing the troubleshooting that worked for me, first I will answer two common questions about BT Television.

The first question is – Can I get BT TV without an Aerial? The answer is a big YES. Although you won’t be able to watch live freeview channels, you can still get the On Demand and premium channels using your Internet connection. You may need to do a software update for the Internet channels to appear, as did I.

The second common question I have come across is – Can I use Powerline Adaptors to connect my BT Youview Box to the Internet? The answer is again YES but if you run into any problems with the setup keep reading.

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Replacement Engines UK Review | Warning is a Scam

I am writing this post in an attempt to save people a lot of stress and a whole lot of money. was formerly known as As a matter of fact my research has discovered they have been known by other aliases too. Here is how their scam setup works:-

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How to Configure TP Link Router for Bandwidth Control

For the purpose of this tutorial I am using a TP-Link TPTD-W8968 but the process should be similar for other TP link routers as well as other brands even.

Before I start, please ensure your router supports bandwidth control as not all do.

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How to Configure a Secondary Router to Use as a Wireless Access Point

Forget bridge mode, forget static IP addresses and forget wifi repeaters. This is the quickest and easiest method to use a secondary modem/router to expand your Wifi coverage by configuring it as an access point.

For this tutorial I am using a TP-Link TD-W8961ND as my secondary router. It is a 300mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router.

This method should be very similar on all modern routers.

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Ty Mawr Holiday Park Review – Park Resorts Caravan Park in Towyn

Park Resorts Ty Mawr

Ty Mawr Holiday Park is located in Towyn North Wales, and is just a few short miles from the popular seaside town known as Rhyl. It is situated along the beautiful North Wales coastline and is among many other popular caravan parks and camping sites including Pontins in nearby Prestatyn. Although Ty Mawr is better known as a Caravan Park, it also offers both electric and non electric camping pitches for tents or personal camper vans etc… Nearby attractions include an on site swimming pool, children’s play area and two funfairs, bargain shops and the seaside – all in Walking distance for adults and older children.

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Does Engine Running Idle Still Charge The Car Battery?

A car engine is started using a battery and the battery is recharged by the alternator whilst driving. The question though is “does the car keep the battery charged when the engine is idle?”. Although I am 38 years old already, I am fairly new to Cars but I recently put this to the test. Just to let you know why, In my first or second year of driving I was parked outside a supermarket. My wife was shopping and I thought it would be a good idea to stream Netflix to my phone during the wait. I connected my phone to the in car charger but did not fire up the engine. I know women like to shop a lot but it must have only been a 45 minute to one hour wait. When my wife got out and we were ready to go home, I tried to start the engine. Lifeless, called the breakdown service out and it was nothing but a flat battery. That’s when I realized that despite car batteries being extremely large, they don’t last long without the alternator charging them. Another time we had a semi flat battery, I researched extensively to see the best procedure for getting the battery to full strength. The common answer was to drive the car at high revs on a main road. Continue reading Review | Aka Dream Bingo

Before I start, I must mention that is my second bingo site review. I will be fair and honest just as I was with the other one.

Dream Bingo Review

As a member of Maximiles, I received an offer to join Dream Bingo with an incentive to earn some points. I was also awarded bonuses from Dream Bingo as a new member. If I remember correctly the offer only involved a £10 deposit. Anyway,  I signed up, received a great bonus of 50 free spins on a slot machine and deposit bonus of 100% or something. I played it all through, had a lot of fun but lost everything eventually – but I wasn’t bothered because the £10 deposit i made was worth less than the number of Maximiles I received for completing the offer.

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Faster Payments Service – How to Pay Credit Card Online

How to make a Faster Payment to Credit Card

This faster payments procedure was used for an Aqua Credit Card but will be identical for any other cards.

I recently signed up for an Aqua Mastercard and soon found myself having problems making payments through their online service. The first couple of payments went through fine and everything seemed rosy until on or around the third attempt at a payment I started to encounter difficulties. The first thing that happened was I got a duplicate payment message. I shrugged it off as I had paid a little earlier in the day and the message said “we have already received your payment for today” or something similar. Continue reading

How to Share Steam Games With Friends

Ok, my friend and I have just successfully linked steam accounts and are now able to share our games with one and other. The process was not as simple as first thought but after a lot of looking around we finally figured it out.

First off, you and your friend must join the steam family sharing group. You can find the group through googling ‘steam family sharing group’.

Next you must login to each others accounts. You can do this step over the phone like we did. Continue reading

How to Remove Folders From Playstation Vita

Playstation Vita Folders

Recently I was fortunate enough to buy myself a Sony Playstation Vita Console. My Son has not put it down since day one. However, for trusting a toddler with a piece of technology I began to pay for my choice. Jed, my son, has a habit of creating folders for each and every vita app I have installed. So when it’s my turn on the vita I just see the vita icons as bubbles with a tiny picture of each app. Continue reading

Three Mobile Tethering Add On – 3G and 4G Tether WiFi Hotspot

If you are reading this then more than likely you have heard about Three mobile stopping their unlimited tethering for new and existing customers. Well here are the facts about the future of tethering with 3g and 4g 3 mobile customers.

1. Unlimited Tethering is still available on the one and twelve month SIM ONLY contracts.

2. Existing One Plan customers still get unlimited tethering until their contract expires. After which, you will have to choose between SIM Only or a new Phone / new contract without unlimited tethering.

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How to Find SIM Card Number on Nokia Lumia Windows 8.0 Smartphone

SOLVED: This method was tested on a Nokia Lumia 720 but should work on ALL Lumias and possibly other Windows 8.0 Smart phones.

Basically I needed the last 8 digits of my sim card number to register to manage my mobile online. Unfortunately I had cut my sim due to a phone change and the numbers did not show. I had also lost the original sim card holder that contained the number. Therefore I was at a loss and needed another way of retrieving my simcard number.

After a bit of playing with my phone I found out how to find it via the Nokia Lumia, here follows the step by step guide.

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Text Messages Not Showing | SMS Not Appearing on Thread

If, like me, you have a problem of your own texts not appearing in your conversation thread then it is highly likely this is the solution for you too! Please read on for more information on how to correct this problem.

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How To Apply for Spouse Visa UK | UK Spouse Visa Requirements

**Important Update 2016** New rules imposed by the Tory Government include a minimum income threshold of £18,600 per year according to ITV news. Meaning that the spouse in the UK must have an income of at least that amount. I have not read up in more detail but I wouldn’t give up on it. If your income threshold is lower than that then I would suggest getting supporting letters from friends and family members offering financial support.

Since July 9th 2013, the rules for applying to come to the UK as a partner have changed slightly. I will go into more detail about that shortly.

First I must mention that the Spouse visas include the following categories.

1. husband | 2. wife | 3. civil partner | 4. unmarried partner | 5. Same-sex partner

It can be viewed as more a partner visa than just a husband or wife visa.
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