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I now consider myself an expert web surfer. Having my first internet ready PC in 1997, I began my surfing through a 56k modem. Now on a super fast broadband connection, I spend most of my day on the Internet. One site I use most regularly is Maximiles, an Internet loyalty scheme site which rewards customers with points known as “maximiles”. The site was originally known as Ipoints but was bought out by the previously mentioned company who I believe to be Spanish, judging by their .com version. This site is known as a reward scheme as customers get rewarded for their loyalty to third party companies who are affiliated with Maximiles. How it works is like this:-

1. You think of something you need, for example –broadband

2. You visit maximiles and look at broadband products. Lets say you find BT Broadband and the reward is 4500 points.

3. You want the BT product and click through from Maximiles (using the special link) and go to BT and sign up

4. After sometime Maximiles are notified of your purchase and issue your 4500 points

5. You now have 4500 points to spend on items in the Maximiles reward catalogue.

This site, in my opinion, is great because you get all the products you need at the same prices as everyone else but unlike the rest of the population – YOU get maximiles too

They have some great rewards too like the latest games consoles, kindles, TVs etc.. but you will have to resist temptation and save your points for a good while to attain anything like them.

All in all, as an appreciative customer, as far as websites go I issue Maximiles with 8/10. Room for improvement would be a search option when spending on rewards and clearer instructions on which partners offer one time points and which offer returning ponts.

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