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Keyword Elite 2.0 Review

I am about to test the features of Keyword Elite 2.0 and will post my findings within this review. I will be using the free keyword elite university to watch videos and learn all aspects of this program. First up is the Keyword Surge Tool.

Keyword Surge Tool Review

The first video taught how to build an Adsense blog with up to 10,000 pages or more. However, the method used techniques that scraped articles from other sources and would be sure to get duplicate content penalties by Google.

The second video showed me how to build a huge keyword list for any niche. So I tested this feature myself. There were several options, two of which were to either use the Keyword Elite database or Google Keyword Suggestion Tool. I tried running a search for ‘dating’ on both. The KE database sprung up maybe 2 to 3 hundred results. Not all the stats were available though as a couple of dozen or so results showed no monthly search volume. All it said was ‘loading’ so after ten minutes or more I gave up and ran the Google Suggestion Tool. The second Keyword Surge was more successful, the Google Keyword Tool produced maybe five or six times more keyword suggestions and only 3 results gave no search data. Now the quality of results also varied. By using the Keyword Elite Database I got lots of keywords useless to a dating campaign. Keywords like ‘due date’ which are more common to pregnancy. The second Google Suggestion search though provided very accurate and useful KWs.  So up to now I would say this feature is useful for quickly accessing a huge list of keywords by using the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool via Keyword Elite 2.0. I will now check the accuracy of search volumes for the top three results on both of my searches. Screen shots below:-



First up was the Keyword ‘date’ which showed a monthly search of 6,120,000. At first I thought it was inaccurate but then noticed the GKWT was set to USA. I changed the location to UK which was also the setting on my Keyword Elite account and yes I got the same result. Both other keywords were the same so the up to date information is a clear sign they use your Adwords account to retrieve this information. Not only for GKWT searches but also for the KED searches. The second three searches were also accurate as now expected. I must mention that you can get free access to the Google Keyword Tool HERE. The Keyword Surge Tool on Keyword Elite 2.0 just makes life a little easier. Now let’s move onto the next feature of Keyword Elite called Market Research Sleuth.

Market Research Sleuth

Right, I have no idea on what this Keyword Elite Tool will be used for so I’m going to watch the vids and report findings below.

The first video I watched was very interesting. You can send a large quickly built keyword list directly from Keyword Surge to the Market Research Sleuth. Then you can get fantastic Adwords competition data per keyword at the click of a button. I am currently trying it with my dating keywords I made earlier.

Now as I reported earlier, there was a problem with the results loading. Well, this may be my Internet connection as I am currently in the Philippines and the Internet here is not quite as quick as I’m accustomed to. I will continue with this review for now but if things don’t improve then there will only be half a review posted until I get home.

To be continued…

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4 Responses to Keyword Elite 2.0 Review | Internet Marketing Software

  1. Tony says:

    I don’t know how you reviewed this product or the other products within the Bryxen Software corral. I can tell you from first hand experience with my testing of it, that it falls extremely low in all categories that matter, such as, customer support, bug free usage and ownership, and sub basement level concern for customer satisfaction. I have experienced major issues and problems, with the following Bryxen products.

    Keyword Elite, version 1, which was closed down by Bryxen and then made to purchase Keyword Elite, version 2. This product has had its probems with bugs and new releases almost on a weekly basis. Finally, about 3 weeks ago, a new update was released, which, totally trashed the program, and has rendered it totally useless.
    Other products which I have tested and developed by Bryxen, have been SEO4, Affiliate Elite, Niche Finder, along with a subscription to their SEO Link Vine. Great hype on all these products, but unfortunately, that is all with no ascertainable value or merit in any of them.

    Customer support I would like to talk about if there was something to say, but, how can you comment on something which does not exist. Their staff of support people, can not either read english, or simply don’t understand what they read as their responses are generally not the issue that you submitted, but rather something else. It’s a great game of email, after email, after email, without getting a direct answer to a direct question. God forbid, you should ask more that one question, as it is obvious, they can not even respond to one question properly, much less than a couple questions.

    Their tutorials and video’s provided, are outdated, and even the modules within the programs, do not coincide with the manuals or video’s. Are you starting to see a pattern here.

    What I will say, is that Brad Callen is indeed a super marketer, but, that’s the extent of any positive comments I can make.

    Save your money, as there are many products on the market, that indeed deliver on what they say, and offer the proper training, and assistance and customer support one would expect.

    So, in summation, RUN, don’t walk, RUN from these products, and invest in what you were hoping for in the first place.

    I will personally, be filing formal complaints with the attorney generals offices of both states involved, along with a formal complaint to the Federal Trade Commision asking for a full investigation into the claims and business practices of Bryxen Software.

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks for your input. I too noticed the recent destroyer update. I also noticed when beginning my review that the CPA feature shown in the tutorials was now missing from the actual software.

      • Jamie says:

        Hi Tony, with that being said I just tried reinstalling the latest version and it’s up again now. Still very buggy though. I am also in the UK now with a decent internet connection, yet it still can’t complete a simple search using the keyword surge tool. I searched for 500+ keyword suggestions from the Google keyword suggestion tool and the last 3 results just keep ticking over, just as in the Philippines. This renders it useless. Sort it out Mr Callen!

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