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UPDATE: Ideal Engines is now under the name Replacement Engines buyers beware!

I am compelled to write this Ideal Engines review out of total disgust of their behavior. Over a month ago I bought a “fully tested and reconditioned engine” for my Toyota Lucida from Ideal Engines . My reason for purchase was because the head gasket blew on the way to Sunderland and I had the car towed the rest of the way there. Whilst in the North East, I took the car to a recommended garage and had the unit shipped there. After about 3 weeks of problems with the fitting of the engine, the ideal engines refurbished engine had been proven faulty. I made many phone calls to the sales agent called Adam, one of his colleagues and even the manager about getting the engine returned followed by a refund. To this day I am still waiting. I will update this ideal engines review every step of the way. Please add your own experiences in the comments.

To be continued…

As of this point of the ideal engines review they have still not even collected their faulty unit. The last time I spoke to the staff they told me to email the sales department which I did. See below the email conversation.

18th June (me to them)

“Hi. I have spoken to your staff and manager regarding a faulty engine you sold me. I have been told to contact you to request a pickup and refund. Pickup address is the same as the delivery address on this invoice I have forwarded to you. Please can you give me a collection date so I can inform the garage? Thanks. Jamie.”

Result: No reply

Next email, (me to them)

“Dear Sir / Madam. It is getting tiresome now. Please provide me with a collection date for the faulty engine you sold me so I can recoup some of the money I have lost via your refund. You can’t just ignore me or fob me off. If I don’t hear from you by tomorrow then my next step will be trading standards followed by the police!!!!”

Result: to me

“We have spoken to your garage and have arranged collection a long time ago, unit should be collected in the next 2 ays.

I waited two days, it has now been four days. I emailed them twice more as seen below

“Engine still hasn’t been collected???”

No reply!

“It has been more than two working days and you have still not collected the faulty engine you sent me. If you don’t want your engine back then fine, but please refund my money immediately!”

Ideal Engines Review

Terrible products. Terrible Customer Service. They do not care about anything but the sales. Unhelpful. Immoral. Liars. I could go on and on but if they finally pull their finger out and refund my money and even maybe apologize for the £1000+ garage fees I have lost due to their faulty unideal engine then I will update this post. Don’t be a victim of the Ideal Engines Scam!

Ideal Engines Scam

UPDATE: Unfortunately after several more ignored emails I had to resort to making a complaint. I first complained to the C.A.B who recommended sending a letter by recorded delivery stating my requirements along with a deadline. The reason they said to send by recorded delivery was to ensure I had proof that received it. I also kept a copy for the C.A.B. Well yet again I was completely ignored. The C.A.B kindly forwarded my case to Trading Standards, who have since been on the case. They managed to get ideal engines to collect the faulty engine but after about three weeks I am still waiting for my refund. review continued…

I recently noticed a new review page for ideal engines which will surely be biased. I tried to submit a comment but surprise surprise, comments need approval. Please see the screenshots below as proof of my comment submission and the fact of the Ideal Engines Scam.

comment 1


Ideal Engines Scam

Come on Ideal Engines, can’t you see this review for you is getting worse and worse? If I don’t get my refund soon the next step will be small claims court.

To any readers looking for information or another honest Ideal Engines Review then keep digging as there are a lot of disgruntled customers.

UPDATE: Trading Standards investigated this company and informed me that they keep closing and rising in different names. Other reports say they have had many county court judgements against them and do not pay even then. My Trading Standards official told me I should seek legal action against them swiftly, followed by bailiffs as chances are they will shut down and reopen under another name. I advise anyone else who has been scammed by them to do the same quickly!!!

Don’t fall for the Ideal Engines Scam! Please share this review with others so they know the danger of dealing with them.

My review may not be over yet. Please check back for possible further updates. A recent commenter to this post below hinted there may be a chance that customers can get their money back. I am awaiting his reply for further information. is a scam!

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15 Responses to Review | Ideal Engines Scam

  1. JoeCook says:

    Sadly i have experienced the same problems. PLEASE avoid this company. They owe me £1200!! I inquired about an engine they called me first thing the next day and had the exact engine “in stock” so I thought sounds great and ordered it and shouldve known something was wrong when they didnt accept credit or debit card but wanted a bacs transfer of £1200. This happened 2 weeks ago and I was promised delivery within 2 days, i received nothing. I left it till it had been 4 days, still nothing. I called them up, they claim there had been a delay so it would be with me the next day before twelve. I asked for a tracking number they didnt have one, i asked which courier, they didnt know. I then started to research and was sickened and mortified to read all these reviews and knew we had been scammed. The next day there came nothing! As it was a friday i tried to call but there was no answer. I waited until Monday and I called up again and was told the engine had tried to be delivered at 6:15 on Saturday evening but nobody was there to collect! What?? I demanded a refund of my money as I had researched the spec of the vehicle and the mileage they had claimed on the engine and had found a vehicle for sale in essex which was ironically the same spec as the car they claim the engine came from and low and behold had the exact same mileage! What a coincidence!! They claimed I was lying and so i forwarded them the vehicle details i had found. He said ill come back to you within the hour with a tracking number to prove delivery. I emailed a request of a refund and received a return email saying my engine would delivered the next day before 12, but still no tracking number and ignoring my concerns of the mysterious vehicle with the same details as the engine I had purchased, it also said that the engine had not been delivered on Saturday but had in fact been delivered to the wrong address!! Even after promising next day delivery 3 times, Still nothing came! I have cancelled my order and demanded a refund. I have spoken to them today and wisely recorded the call and they rudely, and patronisingly claim I will get nothing back and i quote “say goodbye to your money” I am starting legal action against this company and starting a wind up order which will be served if they do not return my money. PLEASE BE WARNED AND AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. It is sickening that they do not consider the fact that My wife and daughters are stranded without a vehicle and the emotional, financial and physical effect this has had on our family. PLEASE AVOID!

    • Angela says:

      Well I wish I had seen these reviews before I also became a victim of ideal engine’s scam. I purchased a honda engine and paid £1500 with the agreement that they refund me £300 on receipt of my old engine. I have yet to receive this despite numerous phone calls to the company and manager, who have all been very rude. Now I also have a faulty engine. It has cost me a fortune to have this engine fitted and then once fitted it still didn’t work. Despite weeks of my local garage trying to identify the fault they were unable to do so. Unfortunately I had no option but to have it towed to Honda who have investigated and identified the fault. However, the cost of stripping the engine and then to repair the fault will be an additional £1700. The reviews on here leave me upset and disheartened as it looks like I will have no luck in getting any money back. I live in Scotland so this makes things even harder dealing with the company. Any advice and way forward would be greatly appreciated.

      • Jamie says:

        They are smarmy crooks. I left a bad review for Ideal Engines on their Facebook page. They have now started a new company under a different name and invited me to like their page!!!

  2. Jamie says:

    Hi Joe, sorry to hear your story. I’m personally at the end of the trading standards angle. They have recommended I take ideal engines to court and claim back not only the engine money but also the £1000+ in garage fees they cost me. Then to bring in the bailiffs if they refuse to pay. Thankyou for introducing me to the ‘wind up order’. If I don’t get my money back I can be one of the creditors owed money.

  3. Jamie says:

    To any other victims of Ideal engines, if you get the chance please leave links to this post so there is a chance the search engines will higher it’s position and make more people aware of this bogus company.

    • alan says:

      Ideal Engines representative or Qualview Limited as they are now called will be at Wigan County Court on Dec 3rd at 11am for anyone that wishes to try and get there money back. I have been down the small claims route and it didn’t work, this included sending bailiffs

  4. Jade says:

    Does anyone know if this company is linked to “Replacement engines” if so we have been ripped off £1645 ad already know they are a scam!! But I notice when I read the reviews on the background of one picture “ideal engines” was in the background on the front of a company building. Also their rewiews link to “ideal engines” “replacement engines” are located in Barking also! Thank you!

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  7. gabriell says:

    I have been also a victim to these Bastards. ( replacement engines ) i haved paid about 3000€ for a engine. but did not get one. Bad Service and they told me you will recived soon. And finally i found the posts here and im sure that i not geeting any engin. What could you avoid me guys. What possibility i have to get my money back?

  8. James says:

    Yes we too were scammed , just waiting till the time that we can walk in there with some nice men and f*** them completely .

  9. Bob says:

    Thanks Fellas ! I spoke to Replacement Engines today, helpful people, they have the engine I need. I was going to take my car to them tomorrow.

    I think your posts have saved me though !
    Most of us go through life with some idea of the harm we do, but we often have little idea of the good we leave behind us.

  10. mike says:


    I believe these people may of started again with a website called
    I was almost done by these fraudsters but thankfully checked them out before handing any money over.
    I asked if I could collect the engine and their first response was “its in our depot in Inverness”. (my reply) I work in Scotland so give me the address and Ill come and collect. (Scammer) Actually let me check with the transportation manager. (put on hold, new person come on) “Sorry sir the engine is actually at our other depot in Portsmouth”
    (My reply) That’s fine I can collect from there too, whats the address?
    (Scammer) Ok, Let me email you the details and we’ll be in touch.
    NO REPLY!!!
    The domain is registered to Total Engine Replacement Ltd.
    Registrant’s address:
    11 haywood court
    waltham abbey
    waltham abbey
    EN9 3DP
    United Kingdom

    When you google this company or Ali Cakirgoz all kinds of fraud stories appear and links to other companys such as the ones above.

    Please pass the message on as they are still trading now and fear other people may lose out.

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