How to Watch Netflix from Abroad (Costs Under $4)

Netflix From Abroad

The chances are that you have gone on holiday or on a business trip abroad and have unsuccessfully tried to access your Netflix account. The reason is because Netflix only have broadcasting rights to certain countries and cannot allow streaming to people outside their coverage zone.

Is there a way to watch Netflix abroad?

Yes there is and it’s a legal way! By using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). There are many companies that provide a VPN service one of which is boxpn who offer an annual service for less than $4 a month.

What does a VPN do? Rather than showing a website your location IP address, you connect to a private server with a private IP in the country you want to ‘appear’ to be in. For example, If you were in Thailand and you wanted to access a website, such as Netflix, that is located in the US or UK. Then you would have to set up your VPN to a UK or US IP address.

There is a disadvantage though. A VPN located in a country far from your current position can cause your Internet to be slower. Therefore with a poorer connection at peak times you will probably find that the movies will freeze a lot.

Is a VPN legal? After doing a Google search I found results saying yes VPN’s ARE legal. Even Microsoft Windows has it’s own features for setting up a VPN. Is watching Netflix on a VPN legal? It’s certainly 100% possible but it MAY be against the Netflix TOS. Don’t panic though as I just haven’t read their TOS and I believe its unlikely they would punish you for continuing to use their service whilst abroad.

So in a nutshell, watching Netflix abroad is possible and is very cheap too with the help of boxpn.

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