How to use Rakuten App on LG TV | WebOS Frozen

Hi there,

If you have an LG TV with the Rakuten TV App, formerly Wuaki, and live in the UK then you have probably searched online to see why the app seems to freeze on the home screen.

There is a work around to this problem so please keep reading.

Wuaki TV was an online TV distributor which was bought be Rakuten in 2012. This year (2017) they rebranded Wuaki to Rakuten TV.

The APP is on most LG Smart TVs from the last half decade. Only it’s non functional on UK models, or on mine at least.

I did some research on the topic just as you have now, and I discovered the problem AND the solution.

The Problem: Due to the success of Amazon in the UK, Rukaten was feeling the pinch and they withdrew from the UK market. Their HQ is now in Barcelona, Spain.

The solution: Simply go to Settings/Advanced Settings/General/Location/LG Service Location THEN JUST CHOOSE SPAIN -Instead of United Kingdom.

The TV will then restart and you will have full access to the Rakuten TV services.

Please note, if you have paired your TV remote with your UK set top box then it will need repairing when/if you go back to United Kingdom Service Location.

Thanks for reading!

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