How To Install Pulse Kodi on Raspberry Pi 2 and 3

How To Install Ares Wizard Kodi Pulse CC Build On Raspberry Pi 2 and 3

Right I’m not sure about Raspberry Pi 2 but here’s how I installed Kodi/Pulse on a Raspberry Pi 3.

Firstly you will need an 8Gb or more micro SD card, a SD card adapter to fit into a card reader, a remote or keyboard/mouse  for your Pi. and a Windows computer or laptop.

On the first Pulse Version of Kodi installation I attempted it failed as I used the Openelec software.

So please note. The Ares Wizard WILL NOT WORK when using the Openelec version of Kodi.

The next step I used was to try it with OSMC Kodi, and here follow the instructions to get the Pulse build of Kodi using OSMC.

STAGE 1 – Correctly format your Micro SD Card for Your Raspberry Pi

1. Insert micro SD card into full size SD Card Adapter and insert into your Windows computer card reader.

2. Download the FREE version of MiniTool Partition Wizard (MTPW) from

3. Open MTPW and locate your sd card

4. Right click the SD card drive and choose DELETE

5. Create a New Parition using System as the name then FAT 32Gb and Primary in the dropdown boxes and 260Mb as partition size.

6. You will now see an unallocated drive beneath the one you just created. Do the same again but this time call it Storage choose Ext4 and again Primary.
Leave all other settings alone.

7. Now click APPLY and wait.

8. Right click the FIRST partition you chose and set the drive as Active,


STAGE 2 OSMC Installation.

1. First download Win32DiskImager here –>

2. Also download the latest OSMC file from here –> (Click Disk Images Section)

3. Now load Win32DiskImager (If you get a loading error right click the Win32DiskImager EXE or Shortcut and choose runs as administrator.

4. Extract the image file from OSMC using 7zip it’s FREE and can be found here –>

5. In the active Win32DiskImager program located the extracted OSMC image and select the SD Card drive then click WRITE.

6. OSMC Will now install to your SD Card.


STAGE 3 Install Pulse build of Kodi using your Raspberry Pi 3

1. Insert your freshly installed OSMC/Kodi SD Card into your Rasberry Pi and then power it up.

2. Wait for OSMC to complete setup..

3. Use your Kodi remote or Keyboard and Mouse to choose the correct settings.

4. In settings choose CONFLUENCE Skin

5. Now in Kodi go to SYSTEM?FILE MANAGER

6. Choose ADD SOURCE

7. In the box that says NONE type and click DONE then just type ares as the name in the box below and click OK.

8. Now go back and select the menu SYSTEM you will be taken to another page where you can select ADDONS, do that.


10. Now go back to the main menu and click PROGRAMS then open Ares Wizard

11. Choose browse builds then your desired Kodi Pulse Build or whatever else you prefer.

12. You will be promted for a PIN just follow their instructions how to get it then click enter pin.

13. Next choose FRESH START and completition choose your desired Build then INSTALL.

14. The Pulse Kodi files will now download and install.

15. Restart your Raspberry Pi and there you go!

Your Raspberry Pi will now have the Pulse build for Kodi. I hope I have helped.

All the best!

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2 Responses to How To Install Pulse Kodi on Raspberry Pi 2 and 3

  1. Karen says:

    I just installed Ares wizard and Pulse CCM over LibreElec Kodi on a Raspberry Pi 3. It works fine.

    The LibreElec was installed with Noobs so I can still use Noobs to install/uninstall operating systems.

  2. chris mcewen says:

    works great! thank you very much for taking the time to document!!

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