How to get a Discount Coupon for Steam Wallet Codes UK and Abroad


The current cost of a £50 Steam Wallet Gift Card is £47.99 by using the method below by using the 5% discount you get it for £45.59.

Hi all. This is how I got a £50 Steam Wallet Code for only £44.64.

During the latest Steam Sale I discovered a popular new game I was interested in at a discounted price. I made up my mind to purchase it but I wanted it even cheaper. So I began my quest to find a Steam Wallet Coupon along with my good friend Google.

After several minutes of searching the outcome looked bleak but I decided to persevere and it finally paid off with me saving more than 10% on a £50 wallet topup.

The method will probably work in most other first world countries as the site seems to be international.

Steam Wallet Discount Voucher

I will now provide you with the details, but in reverse order to what I did.

Please visit the CDKeys Facebook Page by clicking here

Now like their facebook page and follow the instructions to get the free 5% Steam Discount Code

Finally just visit the website to use the coupon and where you will also find the £50 or $50 Steam Wallet Cards at a discounted price and deduct an extra 5% with your free coupon.

Not a lot of people know that.

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