How to Configure Windows Live Mail with Host Gator Email

How to set up a website email address using Hostgator and Windows Live

Let’s get straight to it. You have a website and you want an email address that shows the same web address.

For example you have a domain called and you want an email address like

This tutorial assumes you already have the website live and hosted and that you have access to your hosting control panel. The example I will now reveal is how to set up an email address for a website (using hostgator) and configure the very handy Windows Live Mail to send and receive emails with ease.

Step 1. Log into the Hostgator control Panel.

Step 2. In the Mail section select email accounts.

Step 3.  enter the name of the email address and select the desired website from the dropdown box on the right.

Step 4. Choose and confirm your password, then click create account.


Now to setup Windows Live Mail.

Step 1. Click Accounts then Email.

Step 2. Type in your newly created email address and password.

Step 3. Check the manually configure server settings and then click next.

Step 4. Select POP in server type box and then Input your server name into both server address boxes.

Your Server name can be found near the bottom of the sidebar and will look something like this gator1234, simply add to the former so it looks like this

Step 5. Check the requires a secure connection SSL box and the port number on the incoming server should automatically change to 995.

Step 6. Ensure CLEAR TEXT is the authenticate choice.

Step 7. Edit the logon name to your new email address.

Step 8. Change the outgoing server port to 465.

Step 9. Check both the SSL and requires authentication boxes then click next.

Step 10. Click FINISH then you’re good to go.

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