How fast does the Earth rotate around the Sun?

The Earth takes one year to complete a full orbit of the Sun, most people know that. However, the exact amount of time is said to be 365.25 days and that is why we have a leap year every 4 years to make up for the extra day. Read More about the year here.

Now we know how long the Earth takes to travel around the Sun, now we must move on to mathematics.

To find the circumference (or orbit) we need the diameter and then to multiply it by Pi.

According to wiki answers the Earth varies in distance from the Sun each cycle but the average distance is as follows :-  92,955,887.6 Miles or 149, 597, 870.7 Km

Source of above information can be found here.

So now we have the Radius of Earths orbit and we simply multiply that by 2 for the diameter.

92,955,887.6 x 2 = 185,911,775.2 Miles

149,597,870.7 x 2 = 299,195,741.4 Km

Pi is always 3.14159265 – Why Pi is that amount is of no interest to me but if you would like to read more about it, click here.

Now we have the information we need to find the distance of the orbit. Let’s find out:-

185,911,775.2 x 3.14159265 = One Cycle is roughly 584,059,066.5167723 Miles

299,195,741.4 x 3.14159265 = One Cycle is roughly 939,951,142.0935407 Kilometers

Ok, so now we know the distance of the orbit and how long an orbit takes. Now we must get more precise on the time side of things.

365.25 days are in a year, to find out the hours we simply multiply that amount by 24, which gives us 8766 hours in a year.

Now to find the speed of the Earth rotating around the sun in a per hour format we divide the orbit amounts by the number of hours.

584,059,066.5167723 / 8766 = Approximately 66627.7740 Miles per hour (The earth travels at 1110.4629 Miles Per Minute!)

939,951,142.0935407 / 8766 = Approximately 107226.9156 Kilometers per hour (The earth orbits at 1787.11526 Kilometers Per Minute!)

Considering this post has taken about a hour to write, we have traveled a lot further than I would have thought before starting the research. Wow!

If anyone finds any faults in the maths then feel free to leave a comment.

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