How Do You Make Your Own Blog Website

You can easily create your own private blog by following the steps below. This guide uses WordPress as a content management system so you can easily update/edit your content.

1. First of all you are going to need a domain name.

The domain name is the address of your website. For example, the domain name of Google is Your choice of domain name will be the web address of your blog/website. My favourite place for buying a domain is GoDaddy but there are many more companies if you do a web search.

2. After purchasing a domain you will need a place to host your site, the hosting company stores and displays all of your website content. This guide has been written with a procedure using Host Gator as the hosting company, the procedure may still work with other hosting companies but only if the control panel provided has the fantastico deluxe feature which is explained further in this guide. You will most likely need only the smallest of packages, unless you are expecting very high volumes of visitors. I recommend the baby croc package which is only $9.95 per month and allows unlimited domains. (You could use this method to build sites for clients and charge them a hosting fee). Use the domain you bought as the primary domain for your hostgator account.

3. Nameservers – Next you must login to your HostGator account and find your 2 nameservers. Make a note of them then login to your domain registrar where you bought the domain. Replace the nameservers  on the registrar with your hostgator nameservers.

Steps 1-3, sometimes there are delays between these steps being complete, if this is the case then just be patient.

Step 4. Login to hostgator and select fantastico deluxe fd in the software/services section. Then select WordPress in the menu on the left followed by new installation. Choose your domain and then set up a user name/ password etc and install.

Ok, you will now have an active website, as mentoned earlier there may be delays between steps so just wait until everything has been processed and then you can begin customizing your site.

Step 5. Your site is now up and running and you can access your control panel by typing in You can find a set of tutorials for the wordpress control panel here but I will now provide you with info on how to change the appearance of your blog/web site.

To change the appearance of your site you will need a new theme. WordPress provide some with the installation but if they are not what you had in mind then you can find plenty of sites with free wordpress themes such as my favourite EBlogTemplates. To install a new theme, select appearance in the wordpress control panel followed by theme. There will be an option to choose one of the already installed themes but also an option to upload one you have downloaded. After choosing either, select activate.

After completing these steps you will now have your own private blog/website. All you need now is content. Keep all your content unique, rich and regular and google will slowly reward you by giving your site more respect. Also do your keyword research if you are wanting people to find your site on google.

That concludes the post on how to build a blog website. Just repeat the process if adding further domains to your hostgator account but include step 3.5 below.

3.5 For additional domains on the same hosting account, do the same steps but after step 3 go to addon domains and enter the details of the new domain then install it. If this step is not completed the domain won’t appear on fantastico deluxe.

How Do You Make Your Own Blog Website ?

That’s how!

Thanks for reading.

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