Edna’s Cakeology Introduction and Information

Located in the UK’s North West there is a new cake design company rising. It goes by the name of Edna’s Cakeology who’s website www.ednascakeology.co.uk will reveal to you some really cool creations. The company is run by a woman with the name (You guessed it) Edna! And the company slogan is ‘Expressions With Confection’. Edna has been making these incredible cakes in return for pennies but if you’re looking for a cheap cake now you are out of luck because the slave labour days were just during her talent being a hobby. Now she has taken the plunge in an attempt to run a successful business, passing two tests including a food hygiene inspection. Now to the cakes, here follow some samples of her work:-

Boxtroll 1Box Trolls Cake. 
CHRISTMAS TREE 3Christmas Cake. 
Dalek 2Dalek Cake from Doctor Who. 
Sleeping beauty 2Sleeping Beauty Cake. 
Sofia 1 Sofia the first cake.
Minion upside down Minion Cake. 
NURSE CAKE 1Personalized Flower Cake for a Nurse. 
STORM TROOPER 1 Storm Trooper Cake from Star Trek (Whoops Star Wars!).
Surf Cake 1 Another personalized cake for a Surfer.
TRACTOR 3 - Copy Farmer Cake.

All her cakes are nearly 100% edible and it’s not basic sponge cake inside either. A great deal of Edna’s effort is to also make each cake delicious. The plans for Edna’s Cakeology include tutorial ebooks to be sold so that amateur bakers can get a head start on the competition and create fantastic designs and be the envy of their friends.

If you like what you see pop over to her Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ednascakeology

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