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Before I start, I must mention that www.dreambingo.co.uk is my second bingo site review. I will be fair and honest just as I was with the other one.

Dream Bingo Review

As a member of Maximiles, I received an offer to join Dream Bingo with an incentive to earn some points. I was also awarded bonuses from Dream Bingo as a new member. If I remember correctly the offer only involved a £10 deposit. Anyway,  I signed up, received a great bonus of 50 free spins on a slot machine and deposit bonus of 100% or something. I played it all through, had a lot of fun but lost everything eventually – but I wasn’t bothered because the £10 deposit i made was worth less than the number of Maximiles I received for completing the offer.

After the play through I left the site and never intended to go back. However, I often received texts and emails with various special offers and after a dozen or so I got a really good offer. Again, I played it through and I’m pretty sure I lost everything, then deposited again. I came out £30+ in profit and made a withdrawal. All was fine except I could only withdraw from my cash balance and had to forfeit the bonus funds which were left. After a lengthy wait I received my winnings in my bank account.


This is where my first problem with Dream Bingo arose. I received a ‘too good to be true’ offer. Basically, if I made 3 deposits I would receive 3 bonuses. The minimum deposit was £10 a time. So I thought great, I may be able to win something here. I made a deposit, got 20 free spins on a slot and won a few bonus pounds. Made a second deposit and got a match in £10 bonus money. After the third deposit I got 50 spins on another slot. So at the end of the bonus I had £30 cash and around £25 bonus money. At this point I became hesitant and thought about taking my money back and forfeiting the bonus only to find my money was frozen until I had played the bonus money through about 40 times!!! This was contrary to what they used to do. I also scanned the terms of the bonuses before I started and saw no mention of the actual amount of play through that needed to be completed. In essence I had to stake around £1000 just to be allowed to get my £30 back. Well I had a bash using my Premier Roulette System.. I crossed £100 several times but still fell short of the rollover requirement by about £350. What is worse is it took me several hours to give them my £30. So my advice to anyone who is looking to join dreambingo.co.uk DO NOT accept the bonuses.

On the brighter side of things, I just deposited £20 with no bonuses and won £42 so I’m only £8 down from that terrible experience.

My roulette system for dream bingo (and any other branded casino) is as follows:-

It’s just a basic logical system and has worked for me more often than not. Just don’t get greedy. Dream Bingo allows bets for less than £1. In fact you can bet as low as 0.25p. All I do is choose my 3 favourite numbers (along with another 2 which i don’t bet on). I bet 25p on each of the 3 numbers but also keep an eye out for the two i don’t bet on. When the first number comes up, I just repeat the bet, even the 25p on the number that came up (you may be surprised at how many times a number repeats). When the second number comes up, I raise the remaining number yet to come to 50p. If the two numbers I did not bet on are still yet to show then I put 25p on each of them too. As each number pops up I increase the bets on the last 1-2 but still bet 25p on all the numbers already won. I repeat the process until all 5 numbers have shown up. Then I take the money and run.

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