Dead Island Video Game Review | PS3 XBOX 360 PC

Dead Island by Deep Silver, released September 2011

Genre: Zombie Horror

I have been playing this game through co-op mode with my sister and we have passed 20 hours of gameplay. Here follows my review of this 2011 Zombie Game by Deep Silver. The opening scene is totally original and has not been done by any other video game. However, it rightly provides a good explanation on how you slept and missed the horrors of whatever happened that fateful night before. The location is a fairly large beautiful tropical Island where you can free roam all you desire, but at your own peril! As you progress throughout the game you come across much more deadlier zombies and will find yourself doing many reloads due to dying a horrible digital death on many an occasion. After saying that though I feel I must mention – If you were watching a fight between a human player and one of these zombies it would be the player that looked more brutal, you’ll see why if you play. The game itself consists of a main storyline and countless side quests where you help many survivors on your quest for escape. The game has four Acts, we are on number three after 20 hours play and skipping lots of side missions. After all said and done, this is like Grand Theft Auto but on a deserted island and the foe are zombies rather than people. Oh and you’re fighting with the sole objective to live, not to be a gang land kingpin! This game has occasionally shown pure signs of genius like many other top games but can also come across as repetitive and a little boring at times. If anything else catches my attention within the remainder of ACT III or ACT IV I will update this post.


ACT IV was a little short but no complaints 7/10 for Dead Island as a whole.

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