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As mentioned in my previous website review about Maximiles, the Internet reward site. There are many third party companies which Maximiles pay out points for signing up with. One such company is Costa Bingo! I had never personally heard of the company but Maximiles were issuing a lot of points for a simple £10 deposit and wager. Therefore this review will be used to reveal interesting information about Costa Bingo and partly Maximiles.

What I thought would be a straight forward deposit and loss of £10 in exchange for my Maximiles, went much more differently. I deposited £10 (and received a £10 deposit bonus) and began playing bingo. At the time we were at my mothers house and because my wife was keen to get home she was rushing me. Therefore I quickly bought the maximum number of cheap bingo cards that I could afford. Just before we left I checked the balance to see if I had won any money. To my surprise, the balance was now in excess of £50. During the short spell of playing on their site I had noticed they provided many other methods of gambling and were not limited to bingo. One such, came in the form of roulette which I happen to really enjoy. On the drive home I decided I would try the roulette with my winnings. (IMPORTANT: I have since found out that you can not use the deposit bonus for anything except bingo, until you have met the bonus requirements. You CAN use your real money on ALL games though). After getting home I logged in and loaded up the roulette. I had a little fun and won a little more but cannot remember the exact amount. After a little time I went onto the scratch cards. My money began to reduce and I was finally near the point of losing everything, which I had already expected. What happened next shocked me very much. I had risen my bet to £2 per play on the Noughts and Crosses scratch card to get rid of the low remaining balance so I could retire to bed but on this particular card I won. I saw the prize as 600 which I thought was £6.00 but when I looked at my balance it showed £600. I quickly ran up the stairs and told my wife. I then withdrew £500 and kept £100 to continue playing at a later date (which I did, and withdrew another £35). As of yet I am still waiting to see if I get the £500, as I did not read the terms and conditions regarding bonuses etc… but if I do I will update this post along with proof. If you want to join Costa Bingo then here is my referral link where you can sign up. I can’t promise you the same result, as when I saw the list of “todays big winners” my name and about only 20 others were showing. Considering over 500 players are online at any one time, that’s probably less than around 1 – 2% of players that win big each day. (**I have recently noticed that all small wins are included in your daily win total). All I can say is if they pay me my £500 then they are a genuine site.  I have never won anything close to that big on scratch cards before and I am not affiliated with them. Proof of my winnings will be posted below IF I get them. As for Maximiles, I already know they are a legitimate company but If I remember, I will also post proof of reception of points here too.

Tuesday, May 29th 2012: No Costa Bingo winnings update yet but the requested withdraw is no longer pending and I am unable to reverse it, which is a good sign.

Wednesday, May 30th 2012

As you can see above, they paid up!!! Well chuffed. Hopefully I will also get my maximiles paid out quickly. Knowing me I will probably return to Costa Bingo and try to get the same win satisfaction. Is it possible? I do not know. Sign up to Costa Bingo HERE.

Update 30th September 2014: I have since returned to this site but won nothing. Can’t complain though as I’m still well in profit with them.

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3 Responses to Review | Costa Bingo Website

  1. Margo says:

    Why would you write sign up to costa bingo ,unless you were,working for them idiot .and you expect anybody regarding your story to believe it ha ha get with the program poultice do you think everybody is stupid ,obviously you do . Well dream on

    • Jamie says:

      Sorry you are a skeptic and very rude, must not be very pleasant for you. I only included a promotion for Costa Bingo because they are a trustworthy business who paid me my winnings.

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