Common HDMI Cables Problems and Solution

Symptoms of a faulty HDMI Lead

If you’re reading this then quite likely you are having, or think you are having, a HDMI cable problem such as I have had too. This could be anything from a Green Picture on your TV to not enough room at the back of your HD device.


Maybe the big game is coming up. Or a movie that you’re looking forward to and you need your TV back, well read on and see what you can do to rectify the situation.

I will now list common causes and problems to faulty HDMI cables with information I have found on my quest.

According to Joe Fernand on AV Forums

“Faulty cables can mean anything from a bent pin within one of the connector hoods to a bad solder on one of the Nineteen manually soldered terminations at each end of a cable assembly.”

This can be caused by squeezing your cable into a tight spot.

Joe also said

“Poor quality Cable used in a cable assembly can result in all manner of issues – sometimes resulting in No image”.

A lot of people are happy to get a cheap HDMI cable from a bargain store or eBay but after hearing what Joe said it’s best to go for quality rather than a cheap short lasting product.

Other problems encountered are like, the aforementioned, Green Screen or even as TechRadar states “pink screen” or no image at all. Maybe your picture has lines going through it or is blurry, all of which could be related to your HDMI Lead.


If you suspect your HDMI cable is faulty then try another cable and reset both devices, for example – power off your Bluray and TV then connect the new cable followed by powering them both back on.

If you don’t have a spare cable to try then buy a branded one like this –> 3m HDMI Cable made by SKY

What to do if you are short of space with one of your HDMI devices

sky cable

If you have little space on your TV or set top box then it may be worth purchasing an angled HDMI Lead like the one listed above here. They are very handy for reaching awkward spaces.

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