How to fix ‘Something went wrong – try to check out again’ error message on eBay

‘Something went wrong – try to check out again’

Error Codes: 70245 70350

If, like me, you have just bought something on eBay and received the error stated above you are probably feeling a little frustrated. Therefore, I began my quest for the resolution of this problem and here is what I’ve found.

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Edna’s Cakeology Introduction and Information

Located in the UK’s North West there is a new cake design company rising. It goes by the name of Edna’s Cakeology who’s website will reveal to you some really cool creations. The company is run by a woman with the name (You guessed it) Edna! And the company slogan is ‘Expressions With Confection’. Edna has been making these incredible cakes in return for pennies but if you’re looking for a cheap cake now you are out of luck because the slave labour days were just during her talent being a hobby. Now she has taken the plunge in an attempt to run a successful business, passing two tests including a food hygiene inspection. Now to the cakes, here follow some samples of her work:-

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How to change backup payment method on PayPal

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The method below does NOT work. The only was to change your backup payment method on the new Paypal site is to NOT use it until your latest payment has fully cleared then remove your card.

In this post I assume each user knows how to add their new payment method to Paypal. This post is about how to remove your existing backup method for payment, which will in turn allow you to change your backup payment method.

If like me you have a credit card registered with your Paypal account which is being used as a backup payment source and you want it removed then keep reading.

Basically I was concerned with a credit card debt and cut up the card so I could not use it anymore. The problem arose when I realised I had registered the particular Mastercard on my Paypal account. As I didn’t want to be tempted to use it via paypal my choice was to remove it from my Paypal account completely. It didn’t happen as planned which I will go into more detail about later. However, for some this method will work fine.

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Replacement Engines UK Review | Warning is a Scam

I am writing this post in an attempt to save people a lot of stress and a whole lot of money. was formerly known as As a matter of fact my research has discovered they have been known by other aliases too. Here is how their scam setup works:-

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Before I start, I must mention that is my second bingo site review. I will be fair and honest just as I was with the other one.

Dream Bingo Review

As a member of Maximiles, I received an offer to join Dream Bingo with an incentive to earn some points. I was also awarded bonuses from Dream Bingo as a new member. If I remember correctly the offer only involved a £10 deposit. Anyway,  I signed up, received a great bonus of 50 free spins on a slot machine and deposit bonus of 100% or something. I played it all through, had a lot of fun but lost everything eventually – but I wasn’t bothered because the £10 deposit i made was worth less than the number of Maximiles I received for completing the offer.

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Steam Summer Sale 2013 Date & Game List

It’s that time of year again and the Steam Summer Sale 2013 is on our doorstep. Sorry to my readers if the post title sounded like a news leak, but just as you may be searching for the answer, I myself have too. Most of what I read states it will likely begin on a Thursday, but not July 4 as that is the American Independence day and a big portion of Steam customers will not be home. The truth is though that you should keep checking into Steam daily and not miss out! I have only experienced 3 of the major sales, and the Steam Summer Sale 2013 will be my second of this time of year, but I have learned a lot and I will give you some tips below.
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UPDATE: Ideal Engines is now under the name Replacement Engines buyers beware!

I am compelled to write this Ideal Engines review out of total disgust of their behavior. Over a month ago I bought a “fully tested and reconditioned engine” for my Toyota Lucida from Ideal Engines . My reason for purchase was because the head gasket blew on the way to Sunderland and I had the car towed the rest of the way there. Whilst in the North East, I took the car to a recommended garage and had the unit shipped there. After about 3 weeks of problems with the fitting of the engine, the ideal engines refurbished engine had been proven faulty. I made many phone calls to the sales agent called Adam, one of his colleagues and even the manager about getting the engine returned followed by a refund. To this day I am still waiting. I will update this ideal engines review every step of the way. Please add your own experiences in the comments.

To be continued…

As of this point of the ideal engines review they have still not even collected their faulty unit. The last time I spoke to the staff they told me to email the sales department which I did. See below the email conversation.
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Usenext Review | Downloading via the Usenet Newsgroups | Usenext Scam

There are several companies whom provide software for ease of access to the Newsgroup content. This review is for the company that provides Usenext! I will keep this review as honest as possible. Most Usenext reviews you come across will glorify the product and provide you with the authors affiliate url at the end to sign up. I will be different by providing you with all the good and bad about this Usenet company.
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As mentioned in my previous website review about Maximiles, the Internet reward site. There are many third party companies which Maximiles pay out points for signing up with. One such company is Costa Bingo! I had never personally heard of the company but Maximiles were issuing a lot of points for a simple £10 deposit and wager. Therefore this review will be used to reveal interesting information about Costa Bingo and partly Maximiles.
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I now consider myself an expert web surfer. Having my first internet ready PC in 1997, I began my surfing through a 56k modem. Now on a super fast broadband connection, I spend most of my day on the Internet. One site I use most regularly is Maximiles, an Internet loyalty scheme site which rewards customers with points known as “maximiles”. The site was originally known as Ipoints but was bought out by the previously mentioned company who I believe to be Spanish, judging by their .com version. This site is known as a reward scheme as customers get rewarded for their loyalty to third party companies who are affiliated with Maximiles. How it works is like this:-
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