Three Mobile Tethering Add On – 3G and 4G Tether WiFi Hotspot

If you are reading this then more than likely you have heard about Three mobile stopping their unlimited tethering for new and existing customers. Well here are the facts about the future of tethering with 3g and 4g 3 mobile customers.

1. Unlimited Tethering is still available on the one and twelve month SIM ONLY contracts.

2. Existing One Plan customers still get unlimited tethering until their contract expires. After which, you will have to choose between SIM Only or a new Phone / new contract without unlimited tethering.

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How to Find SIM Card Number on Nokia Lumia Windows 8.0 Smartphone

SOLVED: This method was tested on a Nokia Lumia 720 but should work on ALL Lumias and possibly other Windows 8.0 Smart phones.

Basically I needed the last 8 digits of my sim card number to register to manage my mobile online. Unfortunately I had cut my sim due to a phone change and the numbers did not show. I had also lost the original sim card holder that contained the number. Therefore I was at a loss and needed another way of retrieving my simcard number.

After a bit of playing with my phone I found out how to find it via the Nokia Lumia, here follows the step by step guide.

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Text Messages Not Showing | SMS Not Appearing on Thread

If, like me, you have a problem of your own texts not appearing in your conversation thread then it is highly likely this is the solution for you too! Please read on for more information on how to correct this problem.

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Z and Y Keys Switched on Keyboard | Android Problem

I was surprised today to find the Z and Y keys on my Android keyboard were in the wrong places. They had completely swapped positions on the keyboard. I tried looking up online for a solution to get them back in the correct position but one of the Android threads I read mentioned flashing the phone and installing a QWERTY file instead of a QWERTZ.

Z and Y Keys have swapped places on Android Keyboard

This is my way of fixing it.

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