Does Engine Running Idle Still Charge The Car Battery?

A car engine is started using a battery and the battery is recharged by the alternator whilst driving. The question though is “does the car keep the battery charged when the engine is idle?”. Although I am 38 years old already, I am fairly new to Cars but I recently put this to the test. Just to let you know why, In my first or second year of driving I was parked outside a supermarket. My wife was shopping and I thought it would be a good idea to stream Netflix to my phone during the wait. I connected my phone to the in car charger but did not fire up the engine. I know women like to shop a lot but it must have only been a 45 minute to one hour wait. When my wife got out and we were ready to go home, I tried to start the engine. Lifeless, called the breakdown service out and it was nothing but a flat battery. That’s when I realized that despite car batteries being extremely large, they don’t last long without the alternator charging them. Another time we had a semi flat battery, I researched extensively to see the best procedure for getting the battery to full strength. The common answer was to drive the car at high revs on a main road. Continue reading Review | Ideal Engines Scam Scam

UPDATE: Ideal Engines is now under the name Replacement Engines buyers beware!

I am compelled to write this Ideal Engines review out of total disgust of their behavior. Over a month ago I bought a “fully tested and reconditioned engine” for my Toyota Lucida from Ideal Engines . My reason for purchase was because the head gasket blew on the way to Sunderland and I had the car towed the rest of the way there. Whilst in the North East, I took the car to a recommended garage and had the unit shipped there. After about 3 weeks of problems with the fitting of the engine, the ideal engines refurbished engine had been proven faulty. I made many phone calls to the sales agent called Adam, one of his colleagues and even the manager about getting the engine returned followed by a refund. To this day I am still waiting. I will update this ideal engines review every step of the way. Please add your own experiences in the comments.

To be continued…

As of this point of the ideal engines review they have still not even collected their faulty unit. The last time I spoke to the staff they told me to email the sales department which I did. See below the email conversation.
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How to change car stereo in Nissan Serena

How to Change and Fit a new car radio in a Nissan Serena

Here follow the step by step instructions on replacing a car stereo / radio on a Nissan Serena.

Before you start, you should know that if the original stereo is in your Serena then it is highly likely you will need a Nissan Serena ISO Stereo Head Unit Adaptor. You can pick one up on Ebay for less than £3.
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