Canon Pixma LP7250 Not Working Properly

This article is about the Canon IP2750 Printer not printing as it should, and comes with a troubleshooting guide that might help you get back on track.

Canon IP7250 Review

Firstly I would like to mention that my Mother bought this as a Christmas gift for my Wife who is a keen cake making enthusiast. The major buying point for us, was that the IP7250 is compatible with edible paper and inks. The printer itself is nice to look at but quite different to orthodox printers in the sense that it has TWO paper trays UNDER the printer rather than the standard single tray at the back. Aside from all that and the edible factor, the Canon IP7250 is also a wireless printer which is very handy if you want it to be used by multiple computers on a network or if you just don’t have room near your PC. The first impressions of the Pixma IP7250 were good, my wife was happy with it and we began setting it up. I loaded one of the ink cartridges but spilt some of it on my hand so my wife did the rest (this relates in the troubleshooting guide further down). The first problem arose with the aforementioned unorthodox printing tray but it was nothing that couldn’t be solved by the enclosed setup tutorial. Then came the testing, first on normal paper then on the edible rice paper and all was good. The second and last problem to date just happened today (January 20th 2015). My wife had reported problems with the quality of printing. The colours were not printing great and the quality had become very poor. I asked her if she had solved it yet, but she hadn’t. Therefore I will now list the steps I took in resolving this issue.

Canon LP7250 Not Printing Properly

Troubleshooting Guide

If your printouts have lines through it, wrong colours or some colours (cyan, black, yellow, magenta) not showing at all then please follow these 5 simple steps.

1. Clean the print heads. To do this, open the Control Panel and select the printers/hardware section. Locate the LP7250 which is listed as a Canon IP7200 Series. Right click it and select printing PREFERENCES. Then click the Maintenance tab and choose CLEANING. Then select the ink cartridges you wish to clean and simply follow the on screen instructions followed by printing a test page AFTER cleaning has completed.

2. If your test page was not good or worse then repeat step 1.

3. If you’re still having problems then repeat step 1 but instead of cleaning choose DEEP cleaning.

4. If your problems are still there or even worse then don’t worry this step might help you. If you are using new cartridges then check you removed the plastic from the bottom of them otherwise no ink will be allowed to pass through the print heads. If you are using cartridges that were working previously but not now then please proceed to step 5.

5. Finally this is how I got our Canon LP2750 printing properly. As I wrote in the review, I opened one of the cartridges. I also said the Pixma LP200 Series is different to most other printers. Well that applies to the ink cartridges also. After I had performed steps one to four above. My printouts were only showing in yellow. This was because there are TWO taped bits on each cartridge with the upper and overlooked one being an air hole for the ink. What I did is remove the upper tape from the other four cartridges, waited 5 minutes, did a print and voila!

Thanks for reading.

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