Bioshock Infinite and other Steam Games Not Working On Windows 10

I  wrote this post as a troubleshooting guide for anyone having problems running Steam games on Windows 10. As you read on you may well find that the problem is not related to your operating system at all but just in case I have included a few tips for you to try in resolving any issues you may be having. Leading up to what actually worked for me.  So I decided to finally boot up Bioshock Infinite in my Steam account, having already completed the first two instalments. However, to my horror after installing the mandatory steam files the game just crashed every time I tried to load it. Therefore, my first port of call was Google where I found an article saying I needed to uncheck ‘Enable the steam Overlay’ in steam. Which I did but it had no effect. I went back to Google and saw an obvious choice due to recently upgrading to Windows 10. The choice was to set the game executable to run in compatibility with Windows 8. As I know Bioshock Infinite worked for me before the upgrade as I had preciously given it a test run. Again, no effect.

If you want to try the former methods you can do so like this:-

To Disable the Steam Overlay, right click Bioshock Infinite in your Steam Library and select Properties. Ensure you are in the GENERAL tab then simply uncheck the Enable the steam Overlay box.

To run the Bioshock Infinite executable file in a different compatibility mode. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Bioshock Infinite\Binaries\Win32

There you will find the BioshockInfinite.exe file. Right click it and select properties. Click the Compatibility tab then look for Compatibility Mode and choose the version of Windows you want to test it with. Don’t forget to check run this program in compatibility box then click Apply. Now try running the game.

As the first two methods did not work for me, my third choice was to try something that has worked for me before with steam games crashing. Which was to VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE.

You can do this by right clicking the Bioshock Infinite icon in your Steam Library and selecting Properties. Choose the Local Files Tab then click Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

It’s very time consuming but it has sorted game issues for me in the past. However on this occasion it failed. I will not give up yet though. After Verifying the game cache I once again got a Steam Mandatory installation which failed with the following error message:-

The Steam Servers Are Too Busy To Handle Your Request For Bioshock Infinite. Error Code (53)

Back to Google to find the answer. Basically it turned out to be my Internet Security Software which is Mcafee. I had to disable real time scanning to allow the mandatory steam updates to complete. So Windows 10 was never the culprit. Sorry Bill Gates. Thanks for reading.

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