Betfair Bookmaker Review – Review

This is my second and final bookmakers review. Not because I haven’t tried many, as I have tried ALL the major companies. But because out of all the ones I’ve experimented with, only two break free of the norm. The first was Bet365, which you can read more about in my previous bookmakers post. Access that post by clicking the bookmakers category. The second to make the list is obviously this one you are reading right now, but why? Betfair is good for other reasons. It is unique from all the other online bookmakers as it gives users the chance to BE THE BOOKMAKER. From a punters point of view this is also good as you often get much better odds from your fellow man than you would from a big brand bookmaker. Personally I have not yet ventured into laying bets but the possibilities are clear. Think of the usual two or three horse racing meetings per day. I have heard that rarely, maybe once a year ALL the favourites win at ONE of the meetings. Which means that the other 200+ racing days of the year a favourite or several slip up at ALL meetings! Then that one rare day each year will still see favourites at the other one or two meetings not finish first. This means every day there is an opportunity to make money by laying favourites and increasing your bet each time you lose until you get a winner, then starting again. Also, if you lay a favourite at 2/1 and it drifts out to 3/1 you can cover your bet by betting a small amount at the higher odds. Another strategy would be to pick 2 horses in every race, maybe a favourite and second favourite. Then every time an outsider wins you get a double pay out. Yet every time a favourite wins you still win on the second favourite and vice versa! You must not forget what I also said on the previous method. You can also back the horses you lay if their odds drift out. Another great feature of betfair is the ease of betting inplay, even in horse races! You can even bet on photo finishes during the time that the stewards are making their decision. If you like the sound of betfair then you can sign up by clicking HERE.

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