Z and Y Keys Switched on Keyboard | Android Problem

I was surprised today to find the Z and Y keys on my Android keyboard were in the wrong places. They had completely swapped positions on the keyboard. I tried looking up online for a solution to get them back in the correct position but one of the Android threads I read mentioned flashing the phone and installing a QWERTY file instead of a QWERTZ.

Z and Y Keys have swapped places on Android Keyboard

This is my way of fixing it.

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Best Bookie on the Internet | Bet365 Review Best Bookies

All the major bookmakers have their own websites for customers to enjoy but my personal favourite is bet365 by far!

The reasons I prefer this online bookie to all the others are as follows.

1. Bet365 guarantees best odds! Not every bookmaker guarantees best odds (i.e you bet on a team at 5/1 but by start time the team had drifted to 6/1 after the win most bookmakers pay the 5/1. With Bet365 you still get the 6/1 price if your team wins! Please note, this does not apply if the odds change during the event – only in the build up to the start time.

2. Not all bookmakers have live streaming options for any sporting events. Bet365 provides streams for thousands of games, races and matches!

3. You can bet as little as 0.10 with bet365

4. You can watch a live streaming event with a bet of £1 on bet365. The minimum bet with most other online bookies is as much as £5 , $5 or 5 euros!

5. The layout and ease of use is customer friendly on Bet365

6. With my favourite betting sport, horse racing, I have not come across a better bookmakers for in depth form and stats of each individual horse and race. Jockey and trainer names are also available as with other bookmakers.

7. Loyalty Bets – If you’re a regular gambler like myself you will sometimes receive a £5+ loyalty bet to use as you like and other times you get a deposit bonus or other free bet offers.
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How to make a footer stay at the bottom of the page in HTML and CSS

Tuesday 21st August 2012

I am fairly new to HTML and very new to CSS but I’m slowly getting the idea of how they gel. Upon practicing with web site construction I have found it easy to set up the html building blocks and style them with css. However, every time I come to the footer I always have problems, such as it going to the right of a sidebar or just under the header, or overlapping another element . I have searched many times for solutions online and some don’t work while others seem far too complicated for me to understand, and understand I must if I want to make a living from this market sector. Therefore I have started experimenting. The first attempt at aligning a footer was amateur but effective, if you take a look at my previous web design post (by clicking the web design category) you will see what I mean. I have since progressed from there. I was building a site for a friend and he needed a footer to align nicely at the bottom of the page but only under the main written content section. This made my job even more complicated but I pulled it off and here is how.
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Dead Island Video Game Review | PS3 XBOX 360 PC

Dead Island by Deep Silver, released September 2011

Genre: Zombie Horror

I have been playing this game through co-op mode with my sister and we have passed 20 hours of gameplay. Here follows my review of this 2011 Zombie Game by Deep Silver. Continue reading

War Horse Review | 2011 Movie by Steven Spielberg

Today I had the opportunity to indulge in a HD Blu Ray copy of this War Horse movie. I had not seen it before but had heard it titled as Steven Spielberg’s Masterpiece. As a fan of many Spielberg movies that quote certainly got me interested. Unfortunately I suffered a nervous breakdown in early 2012 so it has taken me quite a while to get back into movies but now that I have seen this film, here is my honest review. From the little I had heard about the film, I still refused to get on the band wagon about how this film was sure to be about a horse. Even if that statement was to be proven true I still believed it would be something more special than a film with a horse as the main star. It was I that was proven correct. This movie is more about the people who were involved within the horses life. Kind of like the owners of an unusual car, the car is pretty much irrelevant but each owner of that car has a life story. The movie starts with the birth of the Colt and sees him sold at auction, unbroken, to a farmer who’s drunken state sees him arrogantly outbid his own landlord. Even though the farmer overspent, he had intended to buy a horse that day but not this type. He needed a horse capable of ploughing a field and this type of horse was not it, or was it? Things start going downhill for the farmer and then the story get’s going. All in all, the horse gets involved with maybe a dozen or more people throughout war time Europe through various people from all walks of life but I will not go into details about all that as I do not wish to give out spoilers.
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Betfair Bookmaker Review – Betfair.com Review

This is my second and final bookmakers review. Not because I haven’t tried many, as I have tried ALL the major companies. But because out of all the ones I’ve experimented with, only two break free of the norm. The first was Bet365, which you can read more about in my previous bookmakers post. Access that post by clicking the bookmakers category. The second to make the list is obviously this one you are reading right now, but why? Betfair is good for other reasons. It is unique from all the other online bookmakers as it gives users the chance to BE THE BOOKMAKER. Continue reading

Usenext Review | Downloading via the Usenet Newsgroups | Usenext Scam

There are several companies whom provide software for ease of access to the Newsgroup content. This review is for the company that provides Usenext! I will keep this review as honest as possible. Most Usenext reviews you come across will glorify the product and provide you with the authors affiliate url at the end to sign up. I will be different by providing you with all the good and bad about this Usenet company.
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